'Dealing with an emergency is like a battle, or even a war. The powers are the weapons, but they are useless without a plan'

Acting as the only international support organisation for all Public Safety Officers worldwide, the IPS Group is dedicated to improving and expanding the resources made available for disaster response ,public safety and terrorism events , especially for developing countries with their poverty-stricken vulnerable communities.

IPS Group has the operational ability to respond effectively in an appropriate way to any major disaster/emergency anywhere in the world within 24 hours – an international response time that is almost unheard of today.

This not only helps to save thousands of lives every year, but will also protect vital strategic economic interests from the worst effects of disasters.

The human and economic cost of natural and man-made disasters is overwhelming. When we study major disasters throughout the world, the biggest problem appears to be the lack of trained professionals onsite, in time, to limit casualties and re-establish basic infrastructure.

The economic cost of natural disasters is skyrocketing: In the past two decades alone, direct economic losses from natural disasters multiplied fivefold to US$629 billion (World Disaster Report).

In 2016, terrorist activity increased substantially with the total number of deaths rising from 11,133 in 2012 to more than 25.600 in 2016.

IPS Group headquarters are in the South east region of Queensland. This location was chosen for its climate (minimal impact on training schedules), proximity to Asia and the Pacific, and ready access to the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and eastern Europe.

The IPS Group operates in five distinct areas: Training, Education, Response, Community Engagement, and ancillary services.

The IPS Group headquarters provides;

  • A centre of global excellence in emergency services education, training, and response
  • A world leading Public Safety research and development centre
  • An International Disaster Response Centre
  • A base for its on-call international, airborne Disaster Response Task Force, the latter able to respond anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

The IPS Group Project has been undergoing analysis and reform for many years, and has been recognised by international organizations, involved in emergency services response, as exactly what is required to improve the quality and efficiency of support to the international community.

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