The IPS Group is the future of Public Safety, Research and Development, Education, Training, Response and funding for the world.

If dealing with an emergency is like a battle, or even a war, then the words of Nelson Mandela ring very true

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’

With all the best will in the world, no amount of planning or funding will suffice without educating people how best to use it. The best way to deal with a disaster is to be prepared, and the best way to be prepared, is to educate.

The IPS Group will educate people through various means, so that they can be ready to react in the right way when disaster strikes, be it natural or man-made. We will not only educate groups, but also families and individuals. In fact, our Family Preparedness system will be a vital part of your disaster response.

Disaster education is not just about what to do – it’s also about what not to do, and what to expect.

FACT: A US Red Cross survey of 1058 respondents in 2010 revealed that 75% expected help to arrive within one hour if they posted a request on a social media site. This is NOT realistic.

  • The general public needs to understand the capabilities and limitations of local response teams.
  • They need to know that rescue might take days, not hours.
  • They need to learn how to be prepared.

The IPS Group will deliver EDUCATION and EMPOWERMENT through and from its purpose-built headquarters in Queensland, using specifically designed and constructed features.

Our education program will be tailored to the specific group, with specialised training for emergency response personnel, and preparedness education for the general public.

Our education facility comprises of four main categories:

  • Fire and rescue
  • Medical
  • Environmental and humanitarian assistance
  • Police and Law

Our aim is to provide a centre of global excellence in emergency services education, training and response, setting standards against which the rest of the world must measure itself.

The IPS Group will create higher quality, more standardised training, education and operational levels on a worldwide basis, than currently exist. Its market will be worldwide in each of its areas of operation and it will create new levels of achievement and performance as it progresses from one international humanitarian emergency or disaster to the next.

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